Anima Yell! TV Anime Cast Recording Report (アニマエール!TVアニメアフレコレポート Anima Yell! TV anime afureko repōto?) is a special feature illustrated by Kazama Ayami for the December 2018 issue of Manga Time Kirara Carat. It appears right after Anima Yell!'s 35th chapter in the same magazine.


Manga author Kazama Ayami (Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: Elma's Office Lady Diary) was assigned to oversee a recording session of the Anima Yell! anime during its production and to document her experience in comic form. All five main voice actors are drawn and represented using their respective characters. The recording session for the fourth episode was featured in Kazama's report.


Kazama sits in attendance of a recording session for Anima Yell!, along with creator Tsukasa Unohana, anime director Masako Sato, and the voice actors who will be laying down their voices for episode four. To help liven the mood for the session, Masako starts by handing out tape for everyone to make their own pom poms.

The session that day focused on the final chapter of the manga's first volume, where Kotetsu is on her way to becoming a member of the Cheer Association. Kazama notices how Tomori voices Kotetsu diligently through her body language - a timid stance, while tightly clenching her pom poms. In contrast, voice actor Yuka is constantly moving and swaying her arms around as she voices the always energetic Kohane, a display Kazama finds "amazing" and "cute." While Yuka performs her character admirably, Takuya the sound director gives her subtle hints on fine-tuning certain scenes:

"When Kohane says, 'Did you see that?' could you act more old lady-ish? Like you're gossiping with friends?"
"Now in this scene, can you make your English sound more dubious?"

After hearing Yuka chant, "Mori! Age! Yo!" a pleased Takuya signs off her scene with approval.

Kazama witnesses the rest of the actors perform with great professionalism. She enjoyed hearing Yuina's over-serious Hizume and Mikako's cute dere-dere rendition of Uki (who slips in a few unintentional laughs in the recording booth). Although Haruka only had a few lines that session, Kazama found her "shy" Kana voice cute and well-worth listening to. By the time the session was close to wrapping up, a total of ten girls were together at the same time to yell chants ("Let's Cheer Up!", "Go For Win!"), with the direction that they perform as if they were in a gymnasium. The boisterous spectacle amazed both Kazama and Tsukasa.

During intermission, Kazama finally gets her chance to quickly interview the five voice actors. Her question, first directed towards Yuka and Mikako: "How does your character resemble you?"

Yuka: "I'm easy-going like Kohane, and then I eventually bounce back and push right through."
Mikako: "I think my personality is similar to playing a straight-man in a comedy."

When Kazama asks both Tomori and Yuina the same question, their responses were enthusiastic:

Tomori: "I love to eat!"
Yuina: "We both like Japanese-style things. Also, I love Shinsengumi! I was so happy just to say 'Kotetsu' during recording today!"

But for Haruka, the answer to Kazama's question was more subtle:

Haruka: "I guess I'm clumsy, and maybe not so great with words!"

At the end of her report, Kazama writes about the clothing worn by the five actors that same day. Mikako wore a yellow skirt to match Uki's hair color, while Tomori had on a green one to match the skirt Kotetsu wore in the anime opening. Yuka wore all pink that day and Yuina managed to wear dark-blue socks. However, Haruka, struggling to find something on her clothing that resembled the color red, instead proudly declared that her "heart matches Kana's color!"[1]


  • Kazama
  • Tsukasa Unohana
  • Editor
  • Masako Sato (Anime Director)
  • Takuya Hiramitsu (Sound Director)
  • Yuka Ozaki (as Kohane)
  • Mikako Izawa (as Uki)
  • Yuina Yamada (as Hizume)
  • Tomori Kusunoki (as Kotetsu)
  • Haruka Shiraishi (as Kana)


  1. Manga Time Kirara Carat, December 2018, Pgs. 17-21.
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